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Who I AM

I’m Federica Cantù and I’m based in Brianza, between Milan and Como Lake.

I am a wife and a mother.

This is my story.. in 2007 I’ve been started working in the world of tourism and travel.

In 2010 in organizing events,  in Europe and United States; then in Italy.


... And then, one day, who is now my husband knelt down and asked me to marry him.

So a new world has opened up for me.


Since 2014 I have been attending courses on wedding planning, wedding designer and destination wedding.

I am always looking for ideas, inspirations, advices and I have been participating constantly in specialization courses.


I speak ENGLISH and SPANISH every day.


Since 2015 I have been attending courses on DESTINATION WEDDING and organizing weddings for foreign couples in Italy.

My life? I travel, often, everywhere, TO FILL THE EYES, THE MIND, THE HEART.

“Who travels twice lives" AND ONE LIFE IS NOT ENOUGH FOR ME...


The first question a couple of spouses ask me when they know me is:

"For your wedding did you have a wedding planner"? "Sure" I always answer.

I believe that a wedding planner should know what are the feelings, the fears and the joys that the spouses will try.


I also believe that the bride and groom must enjoy every steps before the wedding, without any stress, without wasting time in checking contracts or requesting estimates and necessary documentation and so on..


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